Intro to Assessments and Screeners: Mental Health and Suicide

Module dates: May 3-June 4 This NEW online course offering is designed for ASL/English interpreters to help them become more familiar with the screening and assessment process as well as tools often used when working with individuals in mental health settings. This... read more

Intro to Psychopharmacology

Module dates: January 11-February 12 For interpreters, being able to understand the effects prescription drugs have the on mood, sensation, thinking, and behavior of our clients is critical. This module, designed with Daniel Lundberg, will focus on the three pillars... read more

Intro to Domestic Violence and Sexual Violence Interpreting

Module Dates: April 26- May 28, 2021 There is a huge need for trained interpreters in domestic violence and sexual violence (DVSV) settings. Having training can mean the difference between making a survivor feel empowered or retraumatized. Working successfully in this... read more

Intro to Mental Health Interpreting

Module dates: February 15 – March 19th, 2021 Have you ever thought to yourself, “But I don’t do mental health!”? Although you may not think of yourself as a mental health interpreter, mental health issues arise in all aspects of people‚Äôs lives.... read more

“Dear White Interpreters”*: Perspectives from Deaf Interpreters of Color

Module Dates: February 1-26 and April 19-May 28, 2021 Please note: Participants have been selected for February and April courses. While the interpreting profession is currently made up of predominantly white people, Deaf communities are increasingly populated by... read more

Intro to Addiction and Recovery

Module Dates: March 22-April 23, 2021 Are you interested in doing ASL interpreting work in addiction and recovery settings, but want more foundation before you start? Have you been in this setting but are ready to deepen your knowledge to be more effective in the... read more

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