2021 MHI Training

Work towards the Qualified Mental health Interpreter (QMHI) credential offered through the Alabama Department of Mental Health. This opportunity provides support which includes paid registration, limited travel reimbursement, and support to develop the competencies needed to pass the QMHI written exam.

Who should apply?

To be eligible, you must be committed to:

  • Working with Deaf, DeafBlind, and hard of hearing individuals seeking mental health services.
  • Attending the full core MHIT program, August 2-August 6, 2021 in Alabama.
  • Paying your own registration and travel expenses meeting the CATIE Center guidelines, then providing the CATIE Center itemized receipts for reimbursement.
  • Submitting receipts to CATIE Center within two weeks of completing core MHIT.
  • Continuing to prepare and participate in MHIT’s practicum.
  • Seeking a QMHI credential through the Alabama Department of Mental Health, Office of Deaf Services by applying (and participating, if accepted) to sit for the QMHI exam.
  • Completing all CATIE Center program surveys and evaluations.
  • Communicating with the CATIE Center staff regarding any barriers to completing your practicum within the one year timeframe.
  • We encourage and welcome applications from:
  • Confirmed MHIT participants.
  • Wait-listed applicants—by completing this application you could potentially be moved to a confirmed spot.
  • Interpreters who are certified with at least three years of professional interpreting experience.
  • Interpreters from diverse and/or underrepresented populations.
  • Interpreters from regions where there are few or no QMHI credentialed interpreters.

Funding is not available to program participants, but anyone can signup for the course.

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