Using the Lattice

Note that the Lattice starts from the bottom. Interpreters build experience and competencies to move to the top. It may be possible to enter the Lattice at various points if preceding required experiences and qualifications are in place.

Click on any part of the Lattice to learn about the requirements for that level and suggested resources for developing competency in healthcare interpreting.

Download Using the Healthcare Interpreting Career Lattice for worksheets you can use to document your personal progress through the Lattice.

career lattice

Click to see Ongoing Continuing Education Read more about Specialist Additional preparation for Intermediate Pre-Reqs before specialist preparation Entry point for preparing to be specialist Read more about Intermediate Additional prep to become intermediate Novice Competencies Entry point to become intermediate Learn more about novice interpreter Entry point to become novice healthcare interpreter Pre-requisite compentencies Additional preparation to become a novice interpreter

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