The Support of an Agency

by Brenda Nicodemus Translation by Brenda Nicodemus I can remember one particular incident where I realized the importance of having the support of an interpreting agency. I went to an assignment between a Deaf person and an opthamologist, that is, a doctor who... read more

Encouraging Words by Mel Deleon-Benham

Translation by Doug Bowen-Bailey I was asked to share a few encouraging words for new interpreters entering the field. I’ve been interpreting for 15 years now and have done some mentoring with newer interpreters who feel unsure of themselves. Often, I see that... read more

Communication Access for Family of Patients

by Sharon Clark Translation by Jeanna Coulliard About 2 years ago, my aunt Norma came to live with me because she had a lot of health problems, including Alzheimer’s disease where she would forget everything. I would frequently take her to her doctor’s... read more

Perspectives on Family Members as Interpreters

The following two videos have two distinct perspectives on having a family member as an interpreter during a medical situation. Communication after a Car Accident by Gerald Olson Hello, my name is Gerald Olson. I work at Second Harvest. One day on my way to work, I... read more

"Into the Light" by Lee Clark

English Summary: Translation by Jenna Coulliard and Doug Bowen-Bailey I think every interpreter has to use their discretion and experience in these situations. I base my own on several things. Is the consumer DeafBlind? If yes, then I am more apt to stay in the room... read more

"Health is More than Communication Access" by Matt Starr

English Translation by Doug Bowen-Bailey and Matt Starr My name is Matt Starr.  I work at the University of Rochester in New York at the National Center for Deaf Health Research.  The focus of the research is on the health of the deaf population.  The focus is not on... read more