Importance of Certified Interpreters for Medical Appointments

by Jimmy Beldon Translation by Doug Bowen-Bailey I have a story to share with you that is so typical of doctor’s offices who claim to have an interpreter working for them when the person isn’t actually qualified and doesn’t hold any certification.... read more

The Clothes Make the Interpreter?

English Translation by Jeanna Couillard and Doug Bowen-Bailey I have gone to many eye doctor appointments and medical doctor appointments where I have had an interpreter present. At one appointment, the interpreter showed up wearing a bright yellow shirt. I am... read more

Managing Waiting Time

English Summary We received a question from an interpreter who works often in a hospital setting wondering how to manage the waiting time if a Deaf patient is in a hospital room?  If there is no preference expressed by the patient or hospital staff, should you sit in... read more

The Importance of Explaining How to Work with Interpreters

by Jimmy Beldon I want to share a story with you that illustrates the importance of having a pre-appointment discussion with health care providers to make sure they know how to work with interpreters. In many doctors’ offices, a variety of people come in and out... read more

Managing Waiting in an Exam Room

Editor’s Note:  In the comments to Jimmy Beldon’s previous post, someone raised the possibility of stepping out of the exam room to wait for the doctor or nurse in the hall to be sure they were familiar with how to work with an interpreter. Here is a... read more

Working with a CDI

by Trudy Suggs As a Certified Deaf Interpreter (CDI), one of the most common questions I am asked, by both deaf and hearing people, is if being a CDI means I am skilled with gestural communication, or work with DeafBlind people. I always clarify that I don’t... read more