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An Appointment in Cardiology

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Featuring: Dr. Stephen Riendl Roger Brown Anna Rabbers-Brown with interpretations by Nancy Niggley This resource features a life-like appointment in cardiology that provides you the opportunity to both view the interpretation created during the filming and practice... read more

An Appointment in Cardiology – Overview

This project offers a unique opportunity to explore both interpreting in medical settings and in managing interactive events as an interpreter. Originally conceived as a companion to “To the Heart of the Matter: The Cardiovascular System in ASL and English,” this CD... read more

Suggestions for Use

  Suggestions for Working with these Situations Work with “To the Heart of the Matter” to develop a better understanding of the Cardiovascular system. Using “To the Heart of the Matter,”  develop your understanding of the structure and function of the... read more

Resources for Preparation

  Refreshing Knowledge of Cardiovascular System Use the following diagrams to refresh your knowledge of the cardiovascular system. Test Your Knowledge of the Cardiovascular System Fill in the following diagram. Blank diagram of the Cardiovascular system (Download... read more

Handling The Check-in

The first step in a medical interaction generally happens at check-in and does not always include the Deaf patient. Most often, you need to check in at the appropriate desk to either locate the patient, or to be prepared to interpret for that patient’s... read more

Waiting For The Doctor

This appointment is for Roger Brown to meet with Dr. Riendl based on concern about his shortness of breath. Roger’s wife, Anna, is accompanying him for the appointment. It is often the case that patients end up in examination rooms waiting for the doctor to... read more