Internal Discussions: An Appointment in Gastroenterology

Internal Discussions: Gastroenterology CD coverThis resource is designed as a follow-up to STOMACH THIS! and represents an opportunity to apply understanding of the digestive system’s anatomy to interpreting an interaction in a clinical setting. In it, a Deaf patient goes for an appointment in gastroenterology and learns she must have two procedures. The resource provides a systematic approach to dealing with a medical interaction, providing internet resources for preparation; formats for working both consecutively and simultaneously, as well as the chance to observe the actual interpretation created during filming. The video includes captions and transcripts, and is designed for use by both hearing and Deaf interpreters. (2003)

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Gastroenterology Procedures

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Here are some description of some procedures which patients might experience if they are seeing a gastroenterologist, a doctor who specializes in taking care of the digestive system.

Useful Links

The following links include information about procedures.

Colonoscopy <> Upper Endoscopy (EGD) <> Flexible Sigmoidoscopy
From the National Digestive Diseases Information Clearinghouse

Video about Gastronenterology Procedures

This video is presented in three different ways. First, Mary Jane Harrington, who is the lead nurse for the Gastroenterology Department at HealthPartners in Minneapolis, describes the procedures of a EGD and colonoscopy. Second, Nancy Niggley, a staff interpreter at HealthPartners, interprets this description. Third, Cara Barnett, a Deaf interpreter, interprets the original description from a feed by Nancy Niggley.

Explaining GI Procedures

Mary Jane Harrington, RN, explains the two procedures of a EGD and a colonoscopy. The presentation is in spoken English with captions.

An ASL Interpretation

This video features Nancy Niggley interpreting the procedure descriptions. Nancy Works as a staff interpreter for HealthPartners and has many years of experience interpreting in medical settings.


The Work of a Deaf-Hearing Team

This video features Cara Barnett, a Deaf interpreter working from a feed by Nancy Niggley of the procedure descriptions by Mary Jane Harrington.



STOMACH THIS: The Digestive System in ASL & English

STOMACH THIS:  The Digestive System in ASL & English
The Digestive System in ASL & English

with Paul Buttenhoff and Cara Barnett

Produced by Todd Tourville

Originally created as a CD-ROM in 2002 and put online in 2008.

An exploration of the digestive system with lectures in both spoken English and ASL, this resource is an excellent opportunity for interpreters to develop their understanding of anatomy and practice their skills for both academic and clinical settings.

The lectures include a warm-up at the 8th grade level and a technical lecture that is at an undergraduate level.

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Bite-Sized Pieces

by Doug Bowen-Bailey (January 2004)

Designed to assist interpreters in working with settings related to the digestive system, this study packet accompanies the CD-ROMs: STOMACH THIS! and Internal Discussions: An Appointment with a Gastroenterologist. The packet guides people in working with the material in both an academic and clinical setting.

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