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When and how will I get my certificate?

For modules, you will receive the certificate once your CEUs are verified and processed whereas for webshops, you will get your certificate automatically upon submission of CEU/Certificate request form. Please note that occasionally certificates take time to generate.... read more

Are there any exceptions to the certification requirements for modules?

We recognize that there are people outside of certification requirements who would benefit from these modules as well, however, waivers are not offered at this time. Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA) is the federal department that funds our project and it... read more

Do you process BEI CEUs for the module?

BEI members can use the certificate they earn from our module to submit to BEI for them to process their CEUs.  read more

How are the CEUs processed?

The CATIE Center processes your CEUs to RID. When you fill out the CEU/Certificate request form after completing a post-assessment at the end of the course, you will get a copy of your responses. Receiving the copy of your responses via email confirms your request... read more

Requirements for earning CEUs

Complete the following in webshops: Pre-Assessment Knowledge Check Watch all videos in the webshop Any self-reflection activities and quizzes Post-assessment and CEU/Certificate request form to be completed before the webshop closes Check your email if you got a... read more

How many CEUs are awarded?

Webshops .15 are awarded as long as you meet the webshop requirements to earn CEUs and fill out the post-assessment and CEU/Certificate request form. Modules 2.0 CEUs are awarded as long as you meet the module requirements and fill out the post-assessment and... read more