Now that you have accepted the assignment and done some background research, it’s time to go. When you arrive at the hospital, you check in at the Information Desk and show them your interpreter badge. They send you to the back desk to find the patient’s room. After checking in there, they tell you to go to Room 5 where you find Nicole Huls, the nurse assigned to take care of the patient, Rudy. Nicole, who is pleased to see you, proceeds with getting the information she needs about what Rudy is experiencing.

Consecutive Interpreting:

On the DVD, the video is presented in segments so you can take your first attempt at interpreting in a consecutive format, so you don’t have to deal with time constraints.  On the web site, the video is presented in two formats:  one for simultaneous interpreting and one showing the interpretation created during the filming of the project.

Simultaneous Interpreting:

Here is the video formatted for simultaneous interpreting.

The Original Interpretation

Here is the video of the interpretation created during filming.

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