These pages are designed to provide a more in-depth framework for working with the DVD Hurry Up & Wait. The study packet which is available for download contains ideas for working with the video from the DVD. As well, it has reflections on the sample interpretations from the DVD which gives vital insight in terms of more fully understanding the situation that you see on video. We hope that this will be helpful to you in preparing for interpreting in emergency departments.

Image of cover for ER packet Download Study Packet to Accompany DVD.

This PDF file (757k) is designed to be printed front to back. Print odd pages first, then flip your pile over and print even pages. It should come out ready for binding. (Needs Adobe Reader – a free download.)

A Note on the Video:

The video on the DVD provides it in a format that allows for consecutive interpreting – as it is presented with pauses after each turn in the interaction.  That is, the nurse speaks and then the video pauses.  Then the Deaf patient speaks and the video pauses.

On the video for the website, the interactions are presented as they were filmed, not in sections.  So, if you want to do the consecutive interpreting practice, you need to access a copy of the DVD.

Table of Contents from Study Packet

4 An Introduction – Getting Started
5 Pedagogical Framework for an Independent Study
7 Preparing for the Context
8 Accepting an Assignment
10 The Relationship Between Consecutive and Simultaneous Interpreting
14 Interpreting the Initial Interview
18 Interpreting the EKG
20 Interpreting the Physician’s First Evaluation
22 Interpreting a Blood Draw
23 Interpreting the Physician’s Assessment
24 Interpreting Discharge
26 Final Reflections
26 References
27 About the Author and Acknowledgements
28 Appendix A: Reflecting on Preparation
29 Appendix B: Preparation on the Web
30 Appendices C-H: A Vygotskyan Framework for Observation
36 Appendix I: Time Documentation Sheet
37 Appendix J: Independent Study Plan for CMP/ACET Program

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