What Brings You Here

by JP Beldon

English Translation by Courtney Hanrahan and Richard Laurion

I’m wondering . . . something is up with my throat. I feel like I have something funny stuck. I’ve tried drinking water which went down okay but I still felt something. I didn’t really think about it that night but when I tried to drink and swallow again it was hard. I tried drinking more water but that weird feeling was back as if something is stuck in there. During the day I was eating and it was really difficult and painful to swallow. It felt like there was a tingling in my throat. I drank water again but nothing, then tried some salt water and that seemed to help.  Still there is something there and my throat felt rough, I asked my Dad what to do?  He decided I should see the doctor and brought me here.  So, what do you think this is?”

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