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The Digestive System in ASL & English

Educational Purposes

This project was produced with many different possibilities for use. Suggested here are ways for interpreters to use this resource as a tool to develop expertise in interpreting technical lectures in a typical college setting. This lecture focuses on the Digestive System. The content is presented twice, once in a shorter warm-up lecture format and once in a longer technical lecture format. You may choose to start with the warm-up lecture to familiarize yourself with the idiosyncrasies of the presenters and begin basic analysis of the concepts presented before attempting the technical lecture. The transcripts of the English texts are provided. The notes from the Deaf presenter are provided as a guide to the ASL text. You will also find a handout on the Digestive System and a list of specialized vocabulary. It is recommended that you utilize these resources in developing a plan for the interpretation of each text.

Depending on the level of skill and your imagination, this text may be used as a tool for:

  • Message Analysis
  • Discourse Analysis
  • Visualization Practice
  • Analysis for Message Equivalence
  • Vocabulary Building
  • Language Models
  • Expressive Interpretation or Transliteration
  • Receptive Interpretation
  • Fingerspelling Recognition
  • And the list goes on…

It is important to note that the instructors involved in this project were not allowed to endlessly rehearse their presentation. It is a goal of this project to provide stimulus materials that reflect as closely as possible actual live situations. Different from the Cardiovascular System CD, this project does not include any interpretations. This is a more traditional format used with other similar materials.

Todd Tourville, Producer

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