What Brings You Here

Sore Shoulder

by James Beldon, Sr.

English Translation by Courtney Hanrahan and Richard Laurion

Hello, Doctor.  I’m here to look at my shoulder.  It’s been hurting and I think there’s a problem.  Someone told me it might be the “R-O-T-O something (sp) cuff.  I used to play football and I remember taking a really hard hit that jolted my shoulder.  Ever since then the pain would come and go but seemed to have gone away.  Ya know, I played in a Deaf baseball league for years and was a pitcher.  It just started to act up again recently while I was playing in the Seniors’ league.  It really came on when I would play with my grandkids.  It seems that my joint has worn-out.  Folks have told me I need surgery but I’m wondering if there is another treatment option.  The pain is right in the socket.  So, I came to get your opinion on what might be wrong with it and what to do about it.

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