What Brings You Here

Recurring Foot Issues

by Elizabeth Beldon

English Translation by Courtney Hanrahan and Trudy Suggs

I’m here again, can you believe it? Remember, I came last time with that growing lump on the outside of my right foot? You had said it wasn’t serious, and quickly performed a minor procedure that involved ice or something really cold injected into my foot, and removed the lump. Everything seemed fine. But it came back again, and since I’m tight with money, I thought I’d just remove it myself. But it came back a third time. So I got one of those razors, you know the type for your foot, and keep shaving the lump off. Sometimes it bleeds. I know I’m not supposed to do what I do, but I was trying to avoid having to come back to the doctor so often.  Will it keep growing back? You said it would only happen once, but it keeps growing back, for the fourth time now. If it’s going to keep growing back, does that mean it’s not worth removing? If so, then do I really need to keep coming in to see you? What do you suggest, or what do you think?

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