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      Healthcare Interpreting Specialist

      This is a viable entry point for Deaf or hearing interpreters who have satisfied the requirements for Novice Healthcare Interpreter and Intermediate Healthcare Interpreter and have:

          • Documented 200 additional hours of healthcare interpreting.
          • 100 of the above may have a specialty focus (e.g. cardiology, mental health, ob-gyn, oncology, video remote, etc.).
          • Documented supervision of 100 of the additional hours of healthcare interpreting above.

      May be qualified to undertake the following types of assignments:

        • Crisis situations (mental health, emergency room)
        • Chronic disease and pain management
        • Pre-op, post-op, urgent and emergency care
        • Mental health care
        • Mentor newer interpreters in healthcare interpreting
        • Supervise Novice and Intermediate Healthcare Interpreters
      Ongoing Continuing Education

      Complete mentorship or fellowship supervisor training

      • Healthcare Interpreting Fellowship

      You might also be interested in completing a masters degree program, such as

      Attend conferences related to healthcare interpreting

      Complete additional advanced readings on healthcare interpreting

      Document your goals on the worksheets in Using the Healthcare Interpreting Career Lattice (PDF).

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