Part of Birth Companions: Perspectives on Doulas and Midwives in ASL & English

Maria, a Nurse Midwife with HealthPartners, introduces herself and brie?y explains what a nurse midwife does. (0:46)

English Transcript

I’m Maria Wolff.  I’m a Nurse-Midwife at HealthPartners and I work with 32 other midwives at three hospitals.  And I largely see childbearing, child rearing women and their families.  I see them for pre-natal care, postpartum care, and also GYN care.  And some midwives see people into menopause, but at this point, I’m not.  I’m only here part time.

Um, and nurse midwives are specialists in normal, healthy pregnancy and kind of taking care of normal GYN needs:  annual exams, pap smears, um, birth control, STD prevention.

And today, I’m seeing Amy Wolf who is a woman who is 33 weeks pregnant and, um, expecting in a couple of weeks.

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