Take These Meds

Interpreting Visits to a Pharmacy

Created by Doug Bowen-Bailey for THE COLLEGE of ST. CATHERINE (now St. Catherine University) in collaboration with St. Mary’s/Duluth Clinic Health System Digiterp Communications, LLC. and SLICES, LLC.

Funded with support from the BlueCross and BlueShield Foundation of Minnesota
© ST. CATHERINE UNIVERSITY, November 2005-2015

This project has an educational copyright.  It may be reproduced and adapted for educational purposes so long as credit is given to its creators and it is not re-sold for a profit.


by Doug Bowen-Bailey

There are so many involved in the collaboration on this project.

First of all, I want to thank the BlueCross BlueShield Foundation of Minnesota as well as the members of the College of St. Catherine’s team for their support. Laurie Swabey, Paula Gajewski, Richard Laurion, and Rosa Ramirez have all been extremely helpful in seeing this to completion. I also am greatly indebted to Mike Swanoski at the Duluth Clinic – Hermantown. His graciousness in allowing us to repeatedly extend his day made this resource possible. Thanks to Debra Russell for her review and questions which helped me to see this project in a new light. Additionally, thanks to Carol Patrie and Nancy Niggley for their careful reading of this packet and suggestions for improvement.

Finally, I want to thank Elee Vang, Connie Erickson, and Betty Hastings for their willingness to play the role of patients and to Dawn Stevenson and Kim Johnson for their willingness to take the risk of putting their work on tape so that all of us may have the opportunity to learn.

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