The Digestive System in ASL & English

      This project is a creation of The College of St. Catherine

      in partnership with SLICES, LLC;
      RSA Region V ITP Award #H160A000008
      Copyright 2002

      Distributed in collaboration with the Minnesota Region III Low Incidence Project

      This project has an educational license and may be used and duplicated as long as it is not re-sold for a profit.

      Originally created as a CD-ROM in 2002 and put online in 2008.


      This project was a collaboration of many people’s minds and talents and we wish to acknowledge them here.

      Instructors/Language Models:
      Paul Buttenhoff
      Cara Barnett

      Computer Design and Layout:
      Doug Bowen-Bailey
      Digiterp Communications

      Todd Tourville

      The Staff of the RSA Region V Interpreter Training Project:

      Laurie Swabey

      Project Managers:
      Paula Gajewski
      Richard Laurion

      Administrative Assistant:
      Rosa Ramirez

      The producer wishes to extend his heartfelt gratitude to Paul Buttenhoff and Cara Barnett for helping us make this project a reality and for giving us the inspiration to continue this work. This CD represents the second in a series of lectures available relating specifically to Anatomy and Physiology in a college setting and without Paul or Cara, this would never have been produced. Also, I must again thank Doug Bowen-Bailey of Digiterp Communications for his expertise; without Doug, I would only have a pile of tapes and typed speeches.

      October 2002

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