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InterpretAmerica recently reposted a reflection by a surgeon about the importance of interpreters.  We wanted to share it as a resource.
Here is the introduction to the piece from Katherine Allen, who is a co-founder of InterpretAmerica.

This week InterpretAmerica welcomes guest blogger Dr. Patrick J. Javid from Seattle Children’s Hospital. In this articulate and insightful article, Dr. Javid outlines the critical importance of timely access to qualified interpreters in all settings and languages. His words parallel the thoughts I shared in my latest blog The Time is Now For Healthcare Interpreting 2.0. My article highlights the critical role interpreters play for families. This article beautifully expresses how interpreters empower providers to give their best care, even in very challenging linguistic circumstances. Many thanks to Dr. Javid for allowing us to reprint his article, first shared publicly on the NCIHC listserve.

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