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All in Due Time: Perspectives on Childbirth from Deaf Parents

Language Models

  • Egina and Jimmy Beldon
  • Jeff and Heidi Branch
  • Christine and Roger Kraft
  • Scott and Stacie Miller
  • Brandi and Tim Raurus
  • Melody and Russell Stein


  • Paula Gajewski
  • Richard Laurion

English Summaries

  • Patty Gordon

Video Editing/Computer Design/Photography

  • Doug Bowen-Bailey ~ Digiterp Communications

Model for Cover Photo

  • Amy June Rowley
  • Presenting at MRID Mid-Year 2003


  • Nancy Niggley

Support in Production and Distribution:

RSA Region V Interpreter Education Project

Project Director:

  • Laurie Swabey

Project Managers:

  • Paula Gajewski
  • Richard Laurion

Administrative Assistant:

  • Rosa Ramirez

NE Minnesota Region III Low Incidence Project


  • Pat Brandstaetter

Administrative Assistant:

  • Tasha Honkola
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