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Chronic Headaches

by Estina Beldon

English Summary by Doug Bowen-Bailey

I came today because I am concerned about my headaches. It’s been going on for a while.
I started getting headaches about 3 or 4 years ago.  Not sure if it has something to do with my sleep patterns being not so regular.

But I am concerned about getting them.  I don’t know if it is because I don’t get enough sleep or I don’t eat enough for breakfast and that causes them.  I’ve been trying to eat breakfast everyday, but I still get headaches sometimes.

I’ve been taking Advil, but I don’t want to take too much.  I’d way rather figure out some way to get rid of the headaches without the Advil.

I have been drinking Gato — that’s a hard word for me to spell today — I have been drinking Gatorade as was recommended to me by another doctor.  The doctor was thinking I might have low blood sugar or something. It seemed to help a little bit, but I still get headaches.

I’m just wondering if this is normal or not. I’m pretty young, but could it mean I have a brain tumor or something? I’m not sure what it means. Can you please help me?

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