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When does the webshop start and how long is it?

When the webshop starts depends what month it is as we open one webshop at a time per month. A webshop is designed to take about 90 minutes of your time. You must invest at least 75 minutes per CEU requirements. To view upcoming webshops and dates, view our... read more

How do I register for the webshop?

Enrollment is open on the first day of the current month. We keep the sign up link available for four weeks after it opens on the first day of the month which means you may sign up at any point during the month it is offered to enter the webshop. To view upcoming... read more

I wanted to get a group together to view the webshop in one place. Can I?

Yes, you are welcome to do it as a group. Although for each person to get CEUs, they will need to enroll individually to go through the webshop and meet the webshop requirements (pre/post survey, quizzes, CEU/Certificate request form). This can be done with everyone... read more

How much does the webshop cost?

CATIE Center’s webshops are free. read more

Webshop 2021: Self-Care for Sign Language Interpreters

Self-care for sign language interpreters is critical during any time and the need is exacerbated by a pandemic. Learn strategies and insights from Dr. Ayo Gooden, an African-centered Black psychologist with wisdom for everyone.

read more