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This interaction with the pharmacist is split into two segments:  Requesting a Refill & Explaining Inhalers.  Each section is formatted both both consecutive & simultaneous interpreting, as well as showing the original interpretation.

Section 1 – Requesting a Refill – Interpretation

Dawn Stevenson interprets for this interaction between Mike Swanoski and Elee Vang.

Reflection on the Interpretation

by Dawn Stevenson

Having prior knowledge of a client makes any assignment easier.  The client and I have worked together on a regular basis in a post-secondary setting for one and a half years.  I am aware of her preference for more English like signing, but I also know she understands ASL characteristics and grammatical constructions.  This allows me freedom in signing.  When we have worked together in the past, the client has often chosen to use her voice.  Therefore, I was aware of some of her word choice tendencies, such as “yeah”.

The refill request is straightforward.  It is something that most people have experienced.  The pharmacist, client, and I  knew this life script (schemata) and the flow of the interaction was smooth, without need for clarification or situational management.

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