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Resource Description

This resource offers a unique opportunity to prepare for interpreting in medical settings, particularly those within a Gastroenterology department. Originally conceived as a companion to “STOMACH THIS! The Digestive System in ASL and English,” this resource allows interpreters to apply the understanding developed in an academic setting to working in a clinical setting. The resource is set up to provide you with an opportunity to both observe an actual interpretation and practice on your own. You can go through the process of preparing for the assignment, handling check-in at the reception desk, meeting the Deaf patient, and then interpreting the appointment.  Following the interaction, you can practice interpreting for a video used in patient education. Mary Jane Harrington, who is the lead nurse for the Gastroenterology Department of Health Partners, gives an overview of two diagnostic procedures. She explains the use of an EGD and Colonoscopy—and gives a tour of the actual examination room used.

Table of Contents

  • Overview
    • Suggestions for Use
    • Preparing for an Appointment in Gastroenterology
  • Framework for an Independent Study
    • On Consecutive and Simultaneous
    • Applying This Framework with Interpreting Interaction
  • Handling Check-In
    • Meet the Patient
  • Gathering Background Info – CI
    • A Framework for Observation of Interpreted Interaction
    • Gathering Background Information – Interpretation & Reflection
    • Gathering Background Info – SI
  • Describing Recommended Procedures – CI
    • Describing Recommended Procedures – Interpretation & Reflection
    • Describing Recommended Procedures – SI
    • Describing Recommended Procedures – Transcript
  • Interpreting a Video for Patient Education
    • Meet Cara Barnett
    • Gastroenterology Procedures
      • Overview of GI Procedures – Transcript
      • Overview of GI Procedures – CI
        • Overview of GI Procedures – Interpretation
        • The Work of a Deaf-Hearing Team
      • Overview of GI Procedures -SI
  • Credits for the Project

Video Example

The video below is an example of the type of resources included in this project.

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