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The Healthcare Interpreting Career Lattice is an important step towards improving healthcare interpreting. It provides an outline of what is needed to enter this specialty, and identifies specific steps towards developing competency.

What is a Career Lattice?

  • Shows how to enter or advance in a profession.
  • Helps teachers prepare students.
  • Helps practitioners identify how to build competency.

Why was this Healthcare Interpreting Career Lattice developed?

  • Deaf patients at risk.
  • Lack of national regulation or certificates for ASL healthcare interpreters.

The Healthcare Interpreting Career Lattice is designed to show:

  • Competencies needed for healthcare interpreting.
  • How much time could be needed to develop competencies.
  • That entry to the specialty requires a BA/BS and certification.
  • Educators, interpreters and hiring agencies necessary qualifications for healthcare interpreting.

Who can benefit from the Lattice?

  • Deaf and hearing interpreters who want to work in healthcare settings.
  • Deaf and hearing interpreter educators.
  • People who want to become healthcare interpreters.

Download Using the Healthcare Interpreting Career Lattice, a 16-page guide to the online lattice, which includes worksheets for tracking your personal progress.


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