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Persistent Cough

by Elizabeth Beldon

English Summary by Courtney Hanrahan and Richard Laurion

I toss and turn at night and cannot get to sleep.  I keep struggling with this.   I have this constant painful cough. And, remember, you told me I can’t get the flu shot.  If I did it could impact my lungs.  I thought you were wrong but I’ve gotten something.  It’s not the flu, I know it isn’t.  My lungs really hurt!  When I cough it hurts. I get a shooting pain on either side of my throat and down into my chest. What can I do?   I notice that, when I lay down it gets better . . . that seems strange.  When I stand up, that’s when it becomes unbearable.  I get a pain in my chest again, could it be bacterial?  Remember when I was going through Physical Therapy?  I was being treated for pneumonia, remember, do you think it’s back? Are there tests I can take to be examined? Maybe an x-ray . . . I’m fed up with the medications and all of this stuff and just what to know what to do.

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