What Brings You Here

Bike Accident

by Jimmy Beldon, Jr.

English Translation by Courtney Hanrahan and Richard Laurion

Ow! My shoulder is in so much pain. Last night while I was riding my bike I flipped and slammed my shoulder on the ground.  I think it’s broken — I can hardly lift it and it causes me tremendous pain. Two weeks ago I was pitching for my baseball team.  I’m the only one who can pitch and we’re headed for a big Deaf national tournament next week in California. I want to go. I hope this shoulder isn’t broken, I really hope.  If it isn’t broken I need to get some therapy for it, now! Someone told me you could do different treatments and ultrasound therapy might help.  I really want a specialist like the Pros get.  You see them getting hurt one week and then after treatment back in the game the next like normal.  I want someone who can treat me and get me back in the game and ready for the tournament . . . someone who can put my shoulder back in place. I wanted to get your opinion on what I should do.

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