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Endings and Beginnings:

An Announcement from the CATIE Center

2022 is a time of new beginnings and transitions, including a new year and a new semester. The CATIE Center is pleased to announce resources available from the two grant projects that just wrapped up (BHI and GTC), as well as to introduce two new grant projects.

Behavioral Health Interpreting (BHI) Project 

BHI has concluded its five-year program as of December 31, 2021. During this five-year cycle, the CATIE Center was pleased to have supported interpreters in increasing their Behavioral Health Interpreting knowledge and skills.
The project included:
  • Created 6 free introductory webshops open to anyone.
  • Created 9 modules open to certified interpreters.
  • Supported interpreters to attend the Mental Health Interpreter Training Core (MHIT).
  • Supported interpreters who completed the MHIT Core in practicum experiences and credentialing (Qualified Mental Health Interpreter – QMHI credential).
  • Created new practicum sites and supervised interpreting opportunities in a variety of settings.
Materials created can be found here: https://healthcareinterpreting.org/bhi-dissemination-2/
Graduation to Certification (GTC) Program 
The CATIE Center’s GTC project created a variety of learning opportunities for novice interpreters, particularly recent graduates of IEPs. Those resources, which are too numerous to describe here, are available at https://grad2cert.org/dissemination. We encourage students and novice interpreters to use these free resources regularly. As well, mentors and interpreter educators can download these resources and use them “as is” or modify them for use in their learning management system. In addition, we are in the process of analyzing the outcomes of the project and will share lessons learned and recommendations for the field of interpreter education later this year.
The CATIE Center would like to thank all our partners, subject matter experts, sign models, and participants who collaborated with us to make this work possible.

New Grants 2021-2026

CATIE Center is excited to announce that it has received two new grant project awards.
Level Up: Advancing Healthcare Interpreter Competencies
LaTanya E. Jones, M.S.M., NIC – PI/Project Director 
The overarching goal of Project Level Up is to increase the number of working interpreters who are trained and qualified to interpret in healthcare settings, thus reducing the gaps in equity in healthcare communication for deaf, hard of hearing and DeafBlind individuals. There are two tracks:
The Self-Directed track allows certified and not yet certified interpreters to take online educational opportunities.These webshops and modules will increase knowledge and skills for interpreting effectively in healthcare settings.
The Cohort Track will accept 35 certified interpreters every year for five years. Participants will apply and once selected will work through the online educational and induction phases as a group with expert facilitators, mentors and supervisors.
Dive In: Building Skills and Confidence in Interpreting
Erica Alley, Ph.D., NIC Advanced – PI/Project Director
The goal of the Dive In project is to increase the competence of novice interpreters to interpret in a wide variety of work-related settings. The Dive In project will be designed in a three-phase cohort model to prepare novice interpreters to attain the required credentials needed in the locations in which they work, including NIC, CDI, BEI, or state licensure. There will also be an online self-directed track open to any person who identifies as a novice interpreter. We look forward to supporting novice interpreters in their endeavors to gain the skills they need to enter the field.
The St. Catherine University CATIE Center projects are funded by the following awards from US Department of Education, Rehabilitation Services Administration:
  • Behavioral Health Interpreting: #H160D160003 (2017-2021)
  • Graduation to Certification: #H160C160001 (2017-2021)
  • Level Up: #H160D210004 (2021-2026)
  • Dive In: #H160D210003 (2021-2026)
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