HeartTo the Heart of the Matter:

      The Cardiovascular System in ASL and English

      with Paul Buttenhoff and Kendall Kail
      Interpretations by Patty McCutcheon
      Produced by Todd Tourville

      An exploration of the cardiovascular system with lectures in both spoken English and ASL, this resource is an excellent opportunity for interpreters to develop their understanding of anatomy and practice their skills for both academic and clinical settings.

      Specialized Vocabulary and Diagrams

      These terms are present in the English and ASL lectures about the Cardiovascular System. To prepare for the lectures, you may wish to use the diagram and other materials to familiarize yourself with the material.

      heart diagramHeart diagram1. Right Atrium
      2. Right Ventricle
      3. Pulmonary Trunk
      4. Pulmonary Veins
      5. Left Atrium
      6. Left Ventricle
      7. Aorta
      8. Cardiovascular
      9. Glucose
      10. Arteries
      11. Veins
      12. Capillaries
      13. Autorythmic
      14. Pulmonary Loop
      15. Systemic Loop
      16. Bicuspid Valve
      17. Mitral Valve
      18. Sinoatrial Node
      19. Atrioventricular Node
      20. Atrioventricular Bundle
      21. Purkinje Fibers
      22. Arterioles
      23. Venules
      24. Diffusion
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