Introduction to Psychopharmacology for ASL Interpreters

April 3–May 8, 2018

For interpreters, being able to understand the effects prescription drugs have the on mood, sensation, thinking, and behavior of our clients is critical. This module, designed with Daniel Lundberg, will focus on the three pillars of psychopharmacology: symptoms, medications, and side effects, and discuss how each may impact our work as interpreters. Psychiatric medications can come up in a variety of settings, including annual medical appointments, psychiatric medication check up, nurse visits in educational settings, and more.

This module will cover:

  • Major groups of psychiatric medications and their corresponding diagnoses.
  • Possible impacts psychiatric medications have on language (receptive and expressive).
  • The use of case studies to apply learning to patient medical charts.
  • Numerous and readily available resources on diagnosis, medications and additional strategies for effective communication with patients.

Time commitment

This module will require about 20 hours of work. There are no set meeting times; complete the work at your own pace. We do encourage participants to go through the course together for richer discussion, and will recommend a general schedule. All work must be completed by May 8. See Course Outline below for an overview of the course.

Come expand your understanding of psychopharmacology with us!

Registration fee: $40

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Cancellation and refund policy

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Refunds will be issued for cancellations requested within seven days of registration, as long as course content has not been accessed. Refunds will not be issued after April 9.

How to access Introduction to Psychopharmacology for ASL Interpreters

Registered participants will receive an email invitation to join the course from Instructure Canvas by April 3.

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Course Outline for Introduction to Psychopharmacology for ASL Interpreters

  • Pre-Assessment
  • Introduction to Mental Health Disorders
    • Overview of Mental Health Disorders
      • Knowledge Check-In
    • Neuroscience
      • Knowledge Check-In
  • Introduction to Psychopharmaceuticals
    • Pharmokinetics
    • Pharmacodynamics
      • Knowledge Check-In
  • Introduction to Psychotropic Medications
    • Psychotropic Medications
      • Anxiety
        • Knowledge Check-In
      • Depression
        • Knowledge Check-In
      • Bipolar
        • Knowledge Check-In
      • Psychosis
        • Knowledge Check-In
      • Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
        • Knowledge Check-In
  • Medication Mechanism of Action
    • Mechanism of Action
    • Mechanisms of Action: Animation
      • SSRI
      • SNRI
      • TCA
        • Flashcards
        • Knowledge Check-In
        • Discussion Board: Mechanism Interpreting Sample
  • Treatment Plans
    • Multiple Diagnoses & Contraindications
    • Disorders and Their Treatments
      • Discussion Board: Treatment Plans
  • Application
    • Medcharts
      • Activity: Case Studies
  • Interpreter Considerations
    • Health Literacy
    • RX Adherence
    • Free-Literal Interpretation
      • Discussion Board: Free-Literal Interpretation Sample
    • Fingerspelling
      • Discussion Board: Fingerspelling Sample
  • Additional Resources
    • Post-Assessment
    • Resources and References

Course Facilitator: Paula MacDonald


RID logoSt. Catherine University is an RID-approved sponsor for continuing education units. Participants who complete all required assignments may earn 2.0 CEUs.

CEUs will be posted to transcripts by June 8. Please hold any questions about CEUs and your transcript until after June 8.