Professional DevelopmentThe information on this page is for supporting the professional development of practitioners and students of interpreting in healthcare settings.

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The resources here are focused on perspectives of someone who is going to be using them for their own professional development, including

  • Specialization resources
  • Video resources related to interpreting healthcare available online.
  • Descriptions of Body Language Modules
  • Posts related to workshops and other training available

All of these descriptions will come from the perspective that the person accessing them will be using them for their own professional development.

Video Resources
Educational Opportunities

There are a wide variety of workshops, both online and face-to-face, that you can take part in to develop your skills for working in a healthcare setting as an interpreter.  Some are sponsored by the NCIEC and the CATIE Center.   Others are provided by other organizations, and the CATIE Center is simply promoting these opportunities.


Body Language Online Modules

Body Language:  Talking about Anatomy in ASL – Online Workshop Series

BodyLanguage-featureSt. Catherine University offered the first interpreter training program with an emphasis on preparing interpreters to work in medical settings. We are proud to be a leader in healthcare interpreting.

The CATIE Center continues to work on developing new resources responding to the needs of today’s healthcare interpreting world.

The Body Language series includes the following:

  • Introduction to Healthcare Discourse
  • Body Language: Cardio Workout
  • Body Language: No More Digestive Distress
  • Body Language: It’s All in the Lungs
  • Body Language: Put Some Meat on Your Bones
  • Body Language:  Dealing with Diabetes

For more information on signing up for these offerings, check the CATIE Center’s web site.

What to expect

In each self-guided session you will:

  • Review the source material on the topic in English.
  • Create your video explanation of the process in ASL.
  • Watch explanations of the topic in ASL created by Nigel Howard, Doug Bowen-Bailey, Amy Williamson and others, focusing on classifier usage and use of space.
  • Analyze your explanation and how you might incorporate more classifiers or improve your use of space.
  • Recreate your explanation in ASL.
  • Post written reflections and feedback on other participants posts (if working with others).

We estimate the average time required for each session is 15-20 hours.

If you are interested in the Body Language Series, but not sure you want to invest the time and money, check out the sample that we have available.  You can access a sample of the Cardio Workout offering and see what the course has to offer.

Click here to access the sample.

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Independent Studies

The CATIE Center has created a series of independent studies to support professional development for interpreting in healthcare settings.

  • When the Law Meets Medicine:  Translating Written English Admissions Documents into ASL for Deaf and Hearing Interpreters
  • This One’s for You, Baby! Interpreting Pregnancy and Childbirth
  • Take These Meds:  Interpreting a Visit to the Pharmacy

  • Hurry Up & Wait:  Interpreting a Visit to the Emergency Department

  • An Eye for Details:  Taking Control of Fingerspelling in Interpreted Discourse

  • Steps to the Beat:  Working with the Cardiovascular System

  • Bite-Sized Pieces:  Working with the Digestive System