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New online course: Discourse and the Triadic Encounter

Dates and times: January 14February 27, 2016
Complete assignments weekly. Exact times you work on the assignments are up to you.
Live meetings on 1/23, 2/2, and 2/16.
Facilitator: Rachel Herring
This six-week advanced course focuses on research and theory on medical discourseand interaction in healthcare interpreting.  You will:
    • Complete readings on healthcare interpreting,
    • Reflect on your own experiences,
    • Complete activities and engage in discussions applying the readings to your work.
    • Devote approximately 30-50 hours to reading and completing course activities.
    • Actively engage with colleagues and the facilitator online.
    • Attend live online discussions (dates to be announced). If not able to attend an additional written reflection will be required.

Program Requirements:

      • Internet access
      • Computer skills
      • Good English reading skills
      • Completed formal interpreter training
      • At least 1 year interpreting experience.
Who should register: Sign OR spoken language interpreters interested in entering the healthcare interpreting field or increasing their healthcare interpreting skills
Cost: $75