Introduction to Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Interpreting

October 1–November 5, 2018

There is a huge need for trained interpreters in domestic violence and sexual assault (DVSA) settings. The difference between being trained and untrained can mean making a survivor feel empowered or retraumatized. Working successfully in this niche requires specialty knowledge and skills to be successful.

This module covers:

  • Why domestic violence and sexual assault happens.
  • How trauma impacts language.
  • Different settings and systems in which interpreters work.
  • Interpreting considerations for the trauma informed practitioner.
  • Self-care practices that will keep us and the people we work with healthy.
  • Steps and resources for further training.

Please join us to enhance your understanding of this worthwhile work.

Registration fee: $40

Link to register will be posted here September 10, 2018.