Independent StudiesIndependent Study Options

The CATIE Center at St. Catherine University has helped to create a number of study packets that can be used independently to develop skills for interpreting in healthcare settings.  Additionally, they can be used to earn CEUs through RID’s CMP/ACET program.

How to Earn CEUs

The two toggles below have information on how to earn CEUs using the Indpendent Study Packets and pre-approved online modules.

CEUs: How to Set Up an Independent Study

RID LogoSetting up an Independent Study

The PDF packets available below are designed so you can download and print them out. They also have the appropriate forms filled out to initiate an independent study. All you need to do is contact an approved sponsor through RID’s CMP/ACET program who handles independent study. To locate an approved sponsor, visit RID’s searchable database.

A note on CEUs for the study packets:

The CATIE Center estimates the activities contained in the PDF files are worth 1.2 CEUS. You may submit it as written to an RID approved sponsor or customize it to earn more or less. In our experience, the more you customize an independent study to areas that interest you the more likely it is that you will complete the work. You are encouraged to add additional features to this study plan in order to reach the maximum possible 2.0 CEUs.

Examples of possible customized activities might include:

  • An internship
  • A more in-depth reflection paper
  • Further research on the topic
  • A combination of these.

The number of CEUs this independent study might earn can only be determined through negotiation with your CMP sponsor. Your first step is to contact your sponsor and discuss your plan. 

CEUs: Working with an Online Module

Steps to BeatPre-Approved Online Modules

The CATIE Center is working on transforming the study packets into pre-approved learning experiences that have a designated number of CEUs.  These are not technically independent studies.  Currently, RID’s Professional Development Committee (PDC) is working to create a new designation for learning opportunities that addresses the type of experiences that online learning presents.

The first packet that the CATIE Center is developing is “Steps to the Beat.”

Independent Study Descriptions

The CATIE Center is in the process of transforming the PDF packets into a more online-friendly format in Moodle.  If that format is available, it will be noted in the description below.

The independent study options are listed below as a series of posts.  You can scroll through the options by clicking the arrows on the right and left side of the post slider.

When the Law Meets Medicine

A video resource focusing on legal documents that are encountered in a health care setting such as a Patients' Bill of Rights, information on Advance Health Care Directives, and a Notice of Privacy Practices - with sample translations into ASL.

This One's for You, Baby!

by Marty Barnum and Linda Gill (June 2006) This study packet…

Hurry Up & Wait

Hurry Up & Wait by Doug Bowen-Bailey (June 2005) This study…

An Eye for Details: Taking Control of Fingerspelling in Interpreted Discourse

An Independent Study worth up to 2.0 CEUs for interpreters focused on the interpreting situations that include fingerspelling.

Steps to the Beat

An Independent Study worth up to 2.0 CEUs for interpreters focused on the interpreting about the cardiovascular system

Bite-Sized Pieces

by Doug Bowen-Bailey (January 2004) Designed to assist interpreters…

Medical Focus - Cardiovascular System

by Sign Language Specialists This…

Medical Focus - Reproductive System

by Sign Language Specialists This…