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Images of the Beldon Family

What Brings You Here?

What brings you here? It’s a simple question that gets asked…
Birth Compaions: Pictures of two doulas, and two appointments

Why Did you Become a Doula?

Jerri Middlebrook-Vogel shares in ASL why she became a doula.

Internal Discussions: An Appointment in Gastroenterology

Apply you understanding of the digestive system’s anatomy to interpreting an interaction in a clinical setting. In it, a Deaf patient goes for an appointment in gastroenterology and learns she must have two procedures. The resource provides a systematic approach to dealing with a medical interaction, providing internet resources for preparation; formats for working both consecutively and simultaneously, as well as the chance to observe the actual interpretation created during filming. The video includes captions and transcripts, and is designed for use by both hearing and Deaf interpreters.

All in Due Time: Perspectives on Childbirth from Deaf Parents

This resource features video from 6 sets of Deaf parents sharing their perspectives on childbirth. It is an excellent resource for learning about the different situations that may come up related to childbirth - including medical conditions and procedure and how Deaf people might talk about them in ASL. Additionally, this is a great opportunity to look at how gender affects communication styles.

Take These Meds: Interpreting a Visit to the Pharmacy

A video resource that features three visits with a pharmacist and allows you to interpret in both a consecutive and simultaneous format, as well as observe the original interpretation. The three visits focus on asthma, high blood pressure and diabetes, and osteoporosis.
Internal Discussions: An Appointment in Cardiology

Internal Discussions: An Appointment in Cardiology

This resource features a life-like appointment in cardiology that provides you the opportunity to both view the interpretation created during the filming and practice interpreting it yourself. The resource includes video which provides an opportunity to meet the patient and learn signing styles, as well as three segments of the appointment: the initial interview, the physical exam, and the the recommendation. The appointment is provided with both formats for simultaneous and consecutive interpreting, as well as the original interpretation created during filming.

STOMACH THIS: The Digestive System in ASL & English

An exploration of the digestive system with lectures in both spoken English and ASL, this resource is an excellent opportunity for interpreters to develop their understanding of anatomy and practice their skills for both academic and clinical settings. has ASL videos of information from the Center for Disease Control.

Patient Provider Videos

A series of video appointments with patient and providers in spoken English with written transcripts.
Variety of screen shots from vlogs by interpreters and deaf people

ASL Vlogs

Looking for perspectives on the challenges and successes of interpreters working in health care settings? Check out the variety of experiences here that come from Deaf people as well as both hearing and Deaf interpreters.

Hurry Up & Wait: Interpreting in an Emergency Room

Want to get a taste of interpreting in the emergency department without having to respond to a 2 a.m. phone call? Check out this resource that takes you through the experience of interpreting a visit to the Emergency Department.

When the Law Meets Medicine

A video resource focusing on legal documents that are encountered in a health care setting such as a Patients' Bill of Rights, information on Advance Health Care Directives, and a Notice of Privacy Practices - with sample translations into ASL.

DeafDoc: Health Education for the Deaf Community

This web site features video and information from Carolyn…


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