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Interpreting in domestic violence and sexual assault (DVSA) settings requires specialty knowledge and skills to be qualified to do this work. The information in this webshop, developed in collaboration with Deaf-centered DVSA service providers, will help you determine if this work is right for you now or in the future.

This webshop covers:

    • Need for qualified interpreters for DVSA work

    • Background knowledge about DVSA causes and impact

    • DVSA settings you may find yourself in

    • Information about trauma-informed care

    • Strategies for self-care

    • Narratives from survivors and interpreters that can inform our practice, and

  • A pathway to training to develop skills that will help you build your skills in this specialty

*This webshop is not comprehensive, and will not make interpreters qualified to do this work, but will lay out a foundation and a path for future training.

Cost: Free!

Register: Coming May 2019

Webshops are offered on demand once opened. Registration is closed and will be available May 2019. Registration for webshops is not limited to a specific number of participants.

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RID logoCEUs: St. Catherine University is an RID-approved CMP sponsor. This webshop  is approved for .15 professional studies CEUs.

To be eligible for CEUs you must complete the pre-assessment, watch all the videos, complete self-reflection activities and quizzes, and complete the post-assessment.

CEUs for this webshop will be posted to RID member transcripts by January 15, 2019.

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