Images of the Beldon Family

What Brings You Here?

What brings you here?

It’s a simple question that gets asked in doctor’s offices across the country, allowing patients to share the story of their malady or concern.  It’s also a question that we want to help you get answered at this site.   What brings you here today?  We hope it is that you are looking for a forum to get resources related to interpreting in healthcare settings and take part in professional development and dialogue.

In this vein, we have created a series:  What Brings You Here Today?

It contains a variety of Deaf people answering that question as if they were in a doctor’s office.  It’s a great chance for you to see how some Deaf people talk about these types of issues.  We hope, just like it does in a doctor’s appointment, it is only the beginning to the process.

You will be able to see ASL responses on a variety of ailments and from a variety of generations.  To begin with, we are featuring three generations of the Beldon family.

Check it out.