Take These Meds: Interpreting a Visit to the Pharmacy


Created by Doug Bowen-Bailey

(now St. Catherine University)

in collaboration with

St. Mary’s/Duluth Clinic Health System
Digiterp Communications, LLC. and

Take These Meds is a video resource that features three visits with a pharmacist and allows you to interpret in both a consecutive and simultaneous format, as well as observe the original interpretation.  The three visits focus on asthma, high blood pressure and diabetes, and osteoporosis.

This video resource is accompanied with a study packet  of the same name. It guides users in working with the three scenarios on the DVD which was filmed with Deaf customers asking questions of a pharmacist. The packet includes reflections from all of the interpreters so you have a sense of what influenced their decision-making process.

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Drug Watch

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Here’s what DrugWatch has to say about what it offers:

“Our site features a comprehensive list of drugs and medications that are currently on the market, or were previously available worldwide. We are dedicated to educating the public about the details of prescription and over-the-counter medications, as well as aiding in the protection of patients and consumers by informing them of any associated side effects. We also feature updated information concerning drug recalls, medication approvals, and current developments in the medical field. Our goal is enabling patients to fully understand the benefits, as well as risks associated with the use of certain medications.”