Free Oncology Interpreter Training Program

The ASL Interpreter Oncology Training Program at the UCSD Moores Cancer Center is providing oncology training for ASL interpreters as one of the ways to improve the Deaf community’s access to health information and care.  We’re collaborating with RID, NAD, and Gallaudet University, plus regional agencies to help us to get the word out.

Deadline to join is Jan 31st.

Below you may find information regarding the program and where you can go to download the documents needed to be in the program.

The program consists of 13 cancer education modules offered in written English and ASL. There will be ~200 some oncology terms explained in ASL as well as example sentences so that participants may get a better understanding of how the terms are used in a real life situation. The program is all done by long-distance learning online, and requires only a few hours each month over about a year’s time.  It’s free while we’re evaluating it, and participants can apply to their local agency for independent continuing education study credits.  For those participants who complete the training program, we provide a certificate of completion and the first five to complete the program in each state will receive a $100 thank you, which they could then use to help pay for their independent study credits.

In order to become involved, you must download three documents from our website which can be found under “Forms to be completed PRIOR to starting the program”

Once filled out and sent to us, we can get you started. We will be sending out log in information after we receive your paperwork. Please note that all paperwork must be filled out, printed and snail mailed to us at the end of this email.

Feel free to pass the information along to others.  We hope to have 5 interpreters from each state so that the Deaf community of all states can benefit from this program.  We also have a Facebook group for those who want to be updated on the program’s progress.  It is titled “ASL Oncology Training Program for Interpreters” and can easily be found through a search. Here is also a link for you to go to in case you cannot access it immediately once typed in.

UCSD Cancer Center
3855 Health Sciences Drive MC 0850
La Jolla, CA 92093

VP 858-768-0438

ASL Cancer Education Program

The University of California – San Diego’s Moores Cancer Center’s has an ASL Cancer Education program with a variety of videos in ASL related to a variety of different types of cancer, including:

For more information, visit the ASL Cancer Education Program’s website.