Hurry Up & Wait: Interpreting in an Emergency Room

Hurry Up & Wait:
Interpreting a Visit to an Emergency Department

Hurry Up & Wait

Want to get a taste of interpreting in the emergency department without having to respond to a 2 a.m. phone call?  Check out this resource that takes you through the experience of interpreting a visit to the Emergency Department. 

This video shows a simulated visit to an emergency department by a Deaf patient and allows interpreters the chance to practice their interpreting skills in emergent care.  The video offers both consecutive and simultaneous formats, as well as a version showing the actual interpretation generated during filming.

Check it out.

Hurry Up & Wait

Hurry Up & Wait

by Doug Bowen-Bailey (June 2005)

This study packet is designed to accompany the video of the same name and provides concrete activities for working with this visit to the Emergency Department of St. Mary’s Hospital in Duluth, Minnesota.

Download Study Packet
PDF is 736 KB and 38 pages.

Download Transcripts of Interpretations
PDF is 175 KB and 12 pages.