Introduction to Psychopharmacology for ASL Interpreters

April 2–May 5, 2018

For interpreters, being able to understand the effects prescription drugs have the on mood, sensation, thinking, and behavior of our clients is critical for a person’s mental well-being. This module was designed with Daniel Lundberg. This module will focus on the three pillars of psychopharmacology; symptoms, medications, and side effects as well as how each may impact our work as interpreters. Psychiatric medications can come up in a variety of settings: annual medical appointments, psychiatric medication check up, nurse visits in educational settings, and more.

This module will cover:

  • Major groups of psychiatric medications and their corresponding diagnoses.
  • Possible impacts psychiatric medications have on language (receptive and expressive).
  • The use of case studies to apply learning to patient medical charts.
  • Numerous and readily available resources on diagnosis, medications and additional strategies for effective communication with patients.

Expand your understanding of psychopharmacology with us.

Registration fee: $40

Link to register will be posted here March 12, 2018.