National Symposium on Healthcare Interpreting - 2015The National Symposium on Healthcare Interpreting

During the symposium, Judy Shepherd-Kegl, Karen Malcolm and Doug Bowen-Bailey are providing some coverage through this site on what is taking place.

View Karen and Doug’s reflections from the 2012 symposium.

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2015 On-Site Reflections

National Symposium on Healthcare Interpreting - 2015

Learning from 2015 National Symposium on Healthcare Interpreting

The next National Symposium on Healthcare Interpreting is being planned for June 2015. Here is information about the 2012 Symposium to inspire you to make time in your calendar to attend.
two participants having discussion in sign

Reflections on the 2015 Symposium

The Third National Symposium on Healthcare Interpreting is now…
Jud sitting and eagerly watching a presentation

Panel on Healthcare Interpreting Fellowships

written by Judy Shepherd-Kegl Panel facilitated by Patty Gordon Building…
Karen Malcolm working on computer

Hijacked by Your Amygdala

by Karen Malcolm Arlyn Anderson presented a workshop on the…
Common Values in Healthcare slide

Developing Moral Sensibility and Moral Sensitivity

In her two follow-up sessions to the keynote, Robyn Dean helped…
Erica Alley standing in front of projection of program description

Masters in Interpreter Studies and Communication Equity

On one of the lunch breaks, the CATIE Center invited symposium…

Strategies for Online Reflective Practice

Handouts Technologies Example  
Moral Schemas - Tacitly Activated

Keynote on decision-making and ethical reasoning

Robyn Dean's keynote laid out some structures for our field to…
Julie Simon presenting part of Team Interpreting workshop

Deaf/Hearing Teams in the Healthcare Setting

Facilitated by Nigel Howard and Julie Simon As a follow up to…
Nigel Howard presenting with a profile view

Expanding the model of Deaf Interpreters in Healthcare Settings

Nigel Howard started off Thursday afternoon helping us all to…
signing hands in front of desk

Health Care Interpreting Competencies for Trans* and Gender Non-Conforming Consumers

This final workshop I attended continued the stream of excellent…
Jeff Wolffe signing "Right"

2015 Symposium Photographs

You may have noticed there being a distinct difference in…