The Healthcare Interpreting Fellowship is a supervised practicum for certified ASL-English interpreters.

Supervised work experience:

  • Provides practical, real-world experience.
  • Fosters dialogue and reflective practice with more experienced interpreters.
  • Builds confidence to apply skills and knowledge to working in healthcare settings.
  • Protects the interests of consumers and providers.

Supervision is an essential part of increasing the number of qualified interpreters because of the high-risk nature of healthcare interpreting.


To be considered for a fellowship, certified interpreters must have:

  • Completed medical terminology and anatomy and physiology courses.
  • Completed additional study on healthcare interpreting.
  • At least three years experience as a working interpreter.

This year our work focuses on training supervisors. We are not placing fellows in 2016.



Supervisors are experienced healthcare interpreters. They have:

  • Completed advanced studies in healthcare interpreting.
  • At least 500 hours experience interpreting in medical settings.
  • Completed supervisor and mentor training.

Fellowship Supervisor Training available from the CATIE Center will be linked here in spring 2016.