Presented by Roger Williams
English, with ASL Interpretation

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Due to a variety of factors, ranging from educational deprivation to co-occuring disabilities to substance abuse, linguistic heterogenity is much greater in the Deaf community than in the hearing community. Interpreters in healthcare settings encounter clients who demonstrate some type of dysfluency on a daily basis, yet often lack the tools to respond to the challenge in an effective manner. This presentation will provide a framework to understand and describe different types of dysfluency as well as provide an overview of available tools to deal with these situations.

Question from the Presenter:

During tonight’s presentation, Roger asked for feedback about his use of the metaphor of place settings to explain about register.  You can see the images he used by downloading the PDF of his presentation.  Feel free to share your perspective on how effective you felt this explanation was for thinking about register.

Questions for Tomorrow’s panelists:

Monday morning’s panel will respond to some of the questions raised in Sunday evening’s keynote.  If you have questions that you would like answered, feel free to share them here.